The Secret of Agile Organizations

A Tactical Approach to Talent Management

Why this book

We believe in the power of people, and want to help organizations to gain the best from their talent.

Organizational agility is determined to a great extent by the agility of the people that make up the organization. The challenge is therefore to employ this people-power as well as possible. Luckily people by their very nature feel the need to develop themselves, to be successful and to deliver a meaningful contribution. That sits in our very genes and characterizes our evolution.

But how can an organization recognize and then make use of this bundled developmental power? And how can an organization provide the meaning that people seek, by which they are motivated? Those turn out to be quite troubling questions.

With this book we want to help you to utilize optimally the unique power of your human capital. This book provides insight into the relationships and application of all relevant components of agile talent management. With the concepts that we present here organizations can create the right context for their most-important quality: agility. Only then – such is our firm belief – is an organization assured of sustainable results . . .

Amsterdam, 1 July 2015,
Gijs van Bussel, Ralph Jacobs, Marijn Tielemans


"You only gain a performance-oriented organization if everyone truly wants to win, feels co-responsible for the end result, knows that you can only excel as a team and that with that you can never exceed the boundaries of the expedient."

Frans van Houten

CEO Royal Philips

"The success of Novartis depends on the innovation and performance of its people. In this environment, creating the right organization and culture, while planning for developing and retaining highly talented and diverse associates, is paramount for Novartis to achieve its strategic priorities and become the world’s most respected and leading health care company."

Joe Jimenez

CEO Novartis

"What we want to be for our clients is also valid for the execution of our talent management strategy. We set the bar rather high when it comes to what we want to achieve with our people and what we want to offer them."

Robin van Poelje

CEO Total Specific Solutions

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employee-imageProf. Dr. Gijs M.M. van Bussel (1954) partners with businesses in the field of HRM, talent management, executive reward, compensation strategy, and corporate governance. He has worked for a diverse group of companies (Polaroid, AkzoNobel, ING, Tyco and as partner for PwC). More recently he held executive positions at Philips in Amsterdam (2000-2004) and Novartis in Basel, Switzerland (2004-2011). In both positions he was secretary to the Board of Directors' Remuneration Committee. He rejoined PwC in 2011 as a partner in the Human Resource Services Group. In 2014 he retired and founded his own consultancy company, Van Bussel Consulting. He is a professor at Nyenrode Business University in the field of HRM, Executive Reward & Strategy and a member of the Nyenrode Corporate Governance Institute. He is also a co-owner of MeyerMonitor (a Nyenrode spin-off)

Gijs van Bussel


employee-imageRalph P. Jacobs (1977) has a special interest in IT- and computer engineering. He is managing director and co-owner of MeyerMonitor ( which provides (on-line) research and dialogue tools to facilitate top management of organizations in initiating effective dialogue with their employees based on hard data and insights. He is also co-owner of Syca, a dynamic IT service-provider that offers solutions for optimal information provision in the Dutch market.

Ralph P. Jacobs


employee-imageMarijn Tielemans (1966) studied Industrial Engineering and Management Sciences at the Eindhoven University of Technology. After his study, he worked with PwC’s Human Resource Services Group as a director and advised organizations on HRM, talent management and pensions. Currently he has his own consultancy company, Tielemans Consultancy. He supports organizations with the implementation of talent management as a driver of a performance- and result-oriented culture.He is an associate consultant at Rijnconsult Management Consultants.

Marijn Tielemans



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